This is, the first 3d search-engine for text.
Most search-engines have you type words and look through a list of webpages. This is the first 3d search-engine for text and is instead controlled by mouse movements and words appearing, disappearing, and moving in 3d in your web browser, using Javascript and Ajax to get new words while you move the mouse. In movie theaters, they used to display pictures of popcorn for a small fraction of a second, and people did not consciously notice it, but it caused them to buy more popcorn, and such unconscious deception was made illegal. This program uses a similar effect, but as communication between people and artificial intelligence (AI) instead of advertising, in the way your web browser will display words faster than you can read them (and react to your mouse movements) in 3d. You will feel the power of AI with split-second accuracy when you make small or big mouse movements.

When building it, I started with 1.3 million Wikipedia pages (with the shortest names), and had my AI reduce those to the most important 10000 pages, and I wrote Javascript code to use that as a brain of 10000 neurons (brain cells). Click any word in 3d and it will appear in the menu on the left. Click that word (or click its X to remove it) and that Wikipedia page will load in a rectangle (a frame) in this window. That way, you can click lots of words to go to later.

1% of the sum of all Human knowledge available to your unconscious mind instantly, including philosophy, science, math, sports, music, DNA, which chemicals cause which emotions, politics, money, paradoxes, consciousness, or whatever you want to communicate with the AI about. It always starts at "Intelligence Computer Internet" but you can find any of the other subjects from there.

Its open-source (GNU GPL 3) if you want it for your own website or to modify. --Ben F Rayfield, the only person who can grant multilicenses other than GNU GPL 3.

It will get new words from the internet as you move the mouse, but if you stop moving the mouse, it uses only what it already downloaded.

When you find the words you want, click them and they are added to the menu on the left, and later click those to load those Wikipedia pages.


This is a free and open-source (GNU GPL 3 license for it, Creative Commons license for cached Wikipedia data) Javascript software that is currently searching the 10000 most important Wikipedia pages. You can download all of that at get new words from internet (requires that you move the mouse)
When this webpage gets new words from the internet, the first few are displayed here.

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